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While a student at Seattle Central College, I worked to develop a unique alphabet, attempting to push the boundary of how to define letter forms and typography. I collected interesting objects such as the teeth of a plastic comb or a happy birthday balloon. With these objects and acrylic paint, I drew letters, discovering unique and unpredictable voices. Manipulating these letters digitally and arranging them into patterns, helped further uncover the descriptive qualities of these forms, and the way the letters can communicate in other ways than just linguistically. I displayed the entire project in a book as an intimate way for the viewer to experience the different letters.

Objects & Their Marks

Object: happy birthday balloon
Because the balloon had no sharp edges it was difficult to create narrow lines and the marks were full and less distinguished.
Object: lock of hair
The hair took paint well, like a standard paint brush, but I had to use a rolling motion to make legible lines with the hair.
Object: pine needle
The pine needles were thin and brittle, so in order to draw lines I needed to place the painted need flat on the paper. To create curved letters such as a ā€œDā€, I needed to make several straight marks to approximate a curve.

Arranged Patterns

Printed Book