Curious about where I've worked?

Like many, I started out in print design, eventually going back to school to focus on digital design at Seattle Central Creative Academy. From there I worked for a diverse selection of companies in the Seattle area, growing my UX skills on the job. I have also worked as a caregiver, art installer, exhibition designer, and sushi delivery driver.

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June 2015 - Oct 2017

At PicMonkey, I was the lead UX Designer on the mobile team. In this role, I grew my skills by diving into project management, assisting product in clarifying the long term roadmap, establishing more efficient processes and improving communication.

Getty Images

Aug 2012 - Jan 2015

As a UX Designer at Getty Images I worked on a variety of products including mobile apps, customer-facing sites, and internal tools. I advocated for collaboration and worked to bring the entire team into the design process. There was no whiteboard left uncovered and talking out design problems was the name of the game.

MSN Mobile

Dec 2010 - Dec 2011

As a Product Designer on the MSN Mobile Experience Team at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to design for mobile web before responsive design was commonplace. I learned to ask the right questions before diving into a problem and to work in tandem with development to find the middle ground.